Vera sidika : I Pay My Househelp a Salary of Ksh.50k Per Month

Vera Sidika, also known as Veronica Shikwekwe, stands out as one of Kenya’s prominent female celebrities immersed in a lavish lifestyle. Her affluence and fame are evident as she lives out her dreams alongside her charming husband, Brown Mauzo.

Juggling motherhood and multiple businesses, Vera relies on the assistance of a nanny or househelp to manage domestic responsibilities. Despite her public persona, Vera respects her househelp’s preference for privacy, refraining from showcasing her on social media platforms like Instagram.

What sets Vera’s household apart is the notable compensation she provides to her househelp. Vera disclosed that she pays her nanny a substantial minimum of Ksh.50,000 monthly. This salary significantly exceeds the standard pay for most househelps in Kenya, which typically ranges between Ksh.15,000 to Ksh.20,000. In the context of foreign employment, househelps deployed to Arab countries usually receive remuneration between Ksh.30,000 to Ksh.40,000 per month.

Notably, Vera’s opulent lifestyle is reflected in the fact that she maintains more than two househelps. This necessity arises from her ownership of grand residences in both Mombasa and Nairobi, underscoring the magnitude of her success and the expansive scope of her household management.