“Nataka Mwanaume Ananiomba Pesa” Anita Santuri Says

Speaking on the mid-morning show at Milele FM alongside her co-host Mitch Comedian, Anita expressed her preference for a partner who is open about financial matters. She emphasized her desire for a man who doesn’t hesitate to ask her for money, emphasizing the importance of mutual respect in a relationship. Anita clarified that she dislikes the idea of her man seeking financial assistance from other women.

“I appreciate a man who is comfortable asking me for financial support. It’s a sign of respect in my book. I don’t want a situation where my man turns to other women for money,” said Anita Santuri during the radio broadcast.

The radio personality delved into a prevalent trend she has observed, pointing out that some men seem more at ease seeking financial help from female friends rather than their own partners.

Santuri attributed this trend to what she perceives as a lack of discretion in some women. She raised concerns about a recurring pattern where women, having financially supported their partners, boast about their pivotal role in sustaining the relationship to their friends. According to Santuri, this behavior creates a dynamic where men might feel compelled to seek financial assistance from sources outside their relationship.

“In today’s world, men seem to prefer asking money from their female friends rather than their own partners. I believe this is because some women lack discretion. You might find that a man asks you for financial help, and then you go around telling your friends how you are the one financially supporting your man. This kind of behavior can push men to seek financial help elsewhere,” Anita Santuri added.