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“No Wonder Sikuwa Na Girlfriend”:Peter Salasya Shares his 2012 TBT Photo

Mumias East Constituency’s Member of Parliament, Peter Salasya, recently took to Instagram to reminisce about his days at Egerton University in 2012, sharing a throwback photo from his tenure there.

The image captures Salasya serving as the vice chairman of the Egerton University Student Union (SUEU), standing alongside the then Vice Chancellor, Prof Tuitek.

In his Instagram post, Salasya reflects on his demeanor during that era, highlighting his humility and amiable nature. He amusingly correlates these attributes with his lack of a romantic partner at the time.

“Here’s a glimpse from 2012 when I served as the vice chairman of Egerton University, pictured with my fellow student leaders and Vice Chancellor, Prof Tuitek. It’s no surprise I didn’t have a girlfriend throughout my university years. I was known for my harmless and humble disposition,” Salasya jests in the caption.

The throwback photo not only offers a window into Salasya’s student leadership days but also presents a light-hearted view of his personal life during that period. Additionally, it underscores Salasya’s enduring leadership qualities, evident from his university days to his current role as a Member of Parliament.