”Mwache Kupea Youth Pressure, Nyumba Si ya Thee Pluto Ni ya Mwarabu” Truth Watchdog Reveals

One of Kenya’s renowned YouTubers and investigative content creators, Truthwatchdog, has stirred widespread conversation by unveiling a segment of Kenyan celebrities engaged in online lifestyle deception. The YouTuber meticulously presents compelling evidence to substantiate the claim that certain celebrities are fabricating aspects of their lifestyles.

Following the exposure of the well-known youngest forex millionaire, Kafuri FX, who falsely asserted ownership of a mansion, eventually revealed to be a rented space, Truthwatchdog shifted attention to another prominent figure, the 23-year-old millionaire, Thee Pluto.

Thee Pluto recently showcased a luxurious mansion valued at Ksh.60 million on various online platforms, attributing the acquisition to divine blessings and the realization of his dreams. However, Truthwatchdog’s investigation contradicts these claims, asserting that the mansion is not owned by Thee Pluto but by an affluent Arab tycoon who is actively selling the property for the same amount.

Undeterred, Truthwatchdog challenged Thee Pluto to provide documentation substantiating his ownership of the mansion, insisting on the presentation of the title deed and ownership agreement for verification.

In his broader commentary, Truthwatchdog expressed concern that many young celebrities are resorting to artificial portrayals of opulence to exert pressure on the youth. He called upon the younger generation to resist succumbing to these online narratives and instead focus on diligent efforts. According to Truthwatchdog, social media is rife with illusions of a lavish lifestyle that can mislead and distract aspiring individuals from the path of genuine hard work.