“Niko na a New Billionaire who is 24 Years and is good in bed” Justina Syokau

After gaining widespread attention online for openly searching for a wealthy, young, and energetic husband under the age of 25, Justina Syokau has, at last, identified her desired match—a wealthy young billionaire who excels in the realm of intimacy.

During an interview with Rick Bee Tv conducted in their native Kamba language, Justina expressed her gratitude, stating that her prayers had been answered by God. She teased that she would soon unveil the face of her newfound love interest.

Contrary to the perception that her quest for a rich partner was merely a publicity stunt, Justina clarified that her pursuit was genuine. She pointed out that her viral moment led to the release of a song, which, unfortunately, fueled assumptions that she was leveraging the situation to promote her music.

Having been single for over eight years and being a mother of one, Justina emphasized that the time had come for her to settle down. She sought a man who not only possessed financial stability but also excelled in matters of intimacy—and she claimed to have found such a person.

Maintaining her steadfast stance, the gospel artist declared that her dowry remained fixed at Ksh. 2 billion, asserting that she was a complete package deserving of such a substantial sum. Justina confidently described herself as the epitome of a wife material, contending that she deserved everything, presenting herself as a comprehensive 360-degree package.