Actor Baha & Ex-Machachari lists qualities of his next Girlfriend

Former Machachari actor, Tyler Mbaya, popularly known as Baha, recently shared insights into his criteria for choosing a future girlfriend, emphasizing that physical appearance won’t be the primary factor in his decision-making process.

During a live session, Baha outlined three key qualities he seeks in his ideal partner. He emphasized the importance of loyalty, intelligence, and a sense of security in a relationship.

Baha expressed his preference for a partner who is not solely defined by physical attributes, stating, “I’m not looking for anything physical although it might play out. I want someone intelligent and loyal, and she should be my safe space. I want someone who can give me peaceful vibes.”

Baha’s Relationship Status
In July 2023, news circulated about the separation of Baha and his former partner, Georgina Njenga, marking the end of their on-and-off relationship. The breakup was described as a mutual decision between the two.

Addressing the split during an Instagram Q&A session, Georgina responded to a fan’s inquiry about her relationship with Tyler Mbaya, stating unequivocally, “No, we broke up.”

The separation came shortly after Baha faced controversy on social media related to accusations of scamming. Reports surfaced that the actor had borrowed money from various Instagram users, leading to financial strains in his personal life.

Georgina’s Perspective
During a conversation with an Instagram user named Nurse_Judy_ke, Georgina shed light on Baha’s gambling addiction, revealing that she covered all their expenses. She refuted claims of eviction threats made by Judy and clarified, “I’m not aware of anything of the sort, and no, we are not being evicted.”

Georgina disclosed that Baha had been grappling with betting issues, suggesting that any borrowed money was likely used for his personal use. She expressed disappointment in Baha for seemingly exploiting their child to acquire funds for gambling.

In response to the situation, Baha acknowledged his struggles and initially announced the sale of his social media accounts, a decision he later reconsidered. The events surrounding their breakup and the subsequent revelations added layers to the public’s understanding of Baha’s personal challenges.