Heated argument on Tik Tok as Brian Chira’s grandmother acusses Baba Talisha and alleged girlfriend for squandering Sh8million Burial money

Tensions have surged following allegations levied by Brian Chira’s grandmother, accusing Baba Talisha and Brenda Wanjiku of misappropriating funds earmarked for her grandson’s funeral.

The unfolding saga found its stage on social media, with TikTok serving as the conduit for airing grievances and seeking clarity on the contentious issue.

In a poignant disclosure, Chira’s grandmother recounted her sense of marginalization and constraint during the funeral preparations. She asserted that Wanjiku, reportedly Baba Talisha’s partner, confiscated her phone, thus inhibiting her ability to communicate freely.

“It felt as though I were blindfolded. Even my phone was confiscated. People tried to reach out to me to send something, but they couldn’t reach me; it felt like they were disrespecting me,” she lamented.

At the heart of the accusation lies financial mismanagement. Chira’s grandmother alleged that Wanjiku assumed control over the funeral finances, making withdrawals without her consent.

Despite having purchased a house valued at Sh 3.5 million, she disclosed a remaining balance of Sh 1 million designated for burial expenses.

However, unforeseen circumstances arose as she fell ill, impeding her ability to transfer the funds as intended.

Exploiting this vulnerability, Wanjiku allegedly withdrew the money and subjected her to verbal abuse.

“I had Sh 1 million remaining to send on Friday, but I fell ill. Wanjiku was the one withdrawing the money, and she insulted me,” she revealed.

Moreover, the grandmother claimed that Wanjiku threatened to freeze the funds, alleging they were public money.

Additionally, she disclosed that Baba Talisha intervened by covering her rent arrears, further embroiling him in the unfolding controversy.

“She told me she could withdraw. Let them know if I don’t receive money in the bank account, they will provide it because they have access to all my M-Pesa and bank PINs,” she added.