“kuna Mkono wa Mungu ilitokea mbinguni ikanipa mayai na nyanya”: Yesu wa Tongaren says angel visited them with eggs and tomatoes

Ever since Yesu wa Tongaren began asserting his identity as the true Jesus Christ on various online platforms, he has captured significant public attention. The individual is steadfast in his belief that he is the authentic Jesus Christ, the revered son of God, a figure worshipped for over two millennia.

In a recent TikTok video shared by Possibilities in God, Yesu wa Tongaren conveyed that his wife, Prophetess Benjamin, had a divine encounter. According to him, Angel Benjamin descended from a cloud and anointed his wife as a prophetess. Interestingly, Yesu wa Tongaren claimed that the angel symbolically bestowed eggs and tomatoes upon his wife, representing the anointing and the Holy Spirit.

“This is Prophet Benjamin. She received blessings from Angel Benjamin. She witnessed a descending cloud and saw a hand extending from it, offering her eggs and tomatoes. The hand belonged to Angel Benjamin. The spirit of God resides within her,” Yesu wa Tongaren expressed.

Regarding his crucifixion, Yesu Wa Tongaren recently declared that he would not undergo a second crucifixion to atone for the sins of humanity. This announcement came in response to inquiries from Kenyans wondering if he would be crucified during the Easter period, analogous to the biblical narrative of Jesus.

Explaining his stance, Yesu Wa Tongaren stated, “Jesus was crucified only once, and since I have returned for the second time, it is ordained that I have come to save those who await me, not to die for their sins a second time.” He emphasized that his purpose is to fulfill the unfinished mission he initiated over 2000 years ago when he first departed from Earth.

As Christians worldwide observe Good Friday, commemorating the crucifixion and death of Jesus Christ at Calvary, Yesu Wa Tongaren highlighted his distinct role in the Easter narrative. He asserted, “I have returned to complete the work that I started more than 2000 years ago when I left Earth,” during an interview with the Standard.

Furthermore, Yesu Wa Tongaren issued a warning to those plotting harm against him, attributing their motives to malevolent forces. He declared, “Those are the dark hearts from Babylon. My father is allowing them to unite against me because he intends to bring about their destruction.”