From Stealing Chapos To Stealing Hearts, Samidoh Recalls His Childhood -Grass To Grace

Samidoh recently shared an old photo of himself dressed in Kung Fu robes, reminiscing about a childhood memory when his mother caught him stealing chapatis as a young boy. In the post, he described how his mother would cook chapatis a day before the actual date, and his job was to help with firewood and hold the wooden spoon. The rule was that he was not allowed to taste the chapatis until they were all cooked and counted.

However, Samidoh decided to use his wit and sneak a taste of the chapatis when his mother was distracted. He reached out to grab a chapati but was caught in the act by his mother. She punished him severely, leaving him with bruises all over his body. Despite the painful experience, Samidoh remembers it fondly and looks back on it with humor.

Samidoh loves to entertain his followers, and he recently posted a cryptic message that has left his fans confused. He used cryptic language to troll some women who he claimed were not his type, but his followers have yet to decipher his true intentions. He wrote, “Unaweza kuwa asali yes Lakini me nataka chang’aa!” which roughly translates to “You might be honey, but I want chang’aa!” The meaning of this message is still unclear, and his fans are eagerly waiting for him to reveal what he meant.

It is also not clear whether Samidoh is currently a free man or not, after Karen, his ex-girlfriend and the mother of his children, announced that she had decided to end their relationship. She made the announcement on social media, stating that she had no regrets about the night they spent together in Dubai. However, she acknowledged that her position as a senator and her responsibility to her people and her leadership were more important than her personal drama.

Karen stated that she had made a conscious decision to end her relationship with Samidoh and wanted to make it public because of the drama and controversy that had surrounded their relationship. She denied being the woman who was thrown out of a club by bouncers and insisted that she was not crazy.