“I have never accepted his death.” Late John De’mathew’s Brother Opens Up.

Late John De’mathew’s Brother has opened up on struggles with coming to terms with the Benga singer’s death.

DeMathew Junior who was speaking in an interview with a local daily revealed that up to date, he has never come to terms with the death of his big brother.

He also revealed that often, people mistake him for John and he has been getting gigs just because of his close resemblance with the late singer.

“Looking like John Demathew has really helped me a lot up to date. I get gigs just because of that, sometimes even when I tell someone I am not John they refuse to listen and insist that I must perform for them.”

“Working with my late brother I learned that music is a job like any other job. He taught me that the industry has a lot of problems but they can be solved. Him teaching me about discipline is something that has helped me remain relevant.”

“I have never accepted his death. I am only trying to be strong, John died after my mum who had passed two years earlier. It has been hard trying to fill his shoes. Even musically I cannot fit in his shoes.”