Mtoto Wa Thee Pluto ,Ako na Hairline Kama Yangu: Andrew Kibe -

Mtoto Wa Thee Pluto ,Ako na Hairline Kama Yangu: Andrew Kibe

Shortly after Thee Pluto and Felicity Shiru proudly shared the first glimpse of their beautiful daughter online, Andrew Kibe swiftly emerged as one of the first individuals to criticize the baby’s appearance. This reaction didn’t come as a surprise since Kibe had previously advised Thee Pluto to undergo a DNA test to establish his paternity of the child.

During his live podcast, Andrew Kibe voiced his opinion that baby Zoey bore no resemblance to either Thee Pluto or her mother, Felicity Shiru. He pointed out that while Thee Pluto and Felicity are light-skinned, the baby had inherited his own complexion.

Kibe insisted that baby Zoey bore a striking resemblance to him, noting similarities in their hairlines. He firmly believed that there was no way Thee Pluto could be the biological father of the little girl.

Encouraging Thee Pluto to accept the DNA test offer he had extended, Kibe emphasized that it was the only definitive means of proving his paternity of Zoey.

In previous interviews, Andrew Kibe had claimed to possess substantial evidence, obtained from a reliable source, supporting his contention that Felicity Shiru had been unfaithful to Thee Pluto during a period of separation. He warned that if challenged, he would publicly disclose this evidence, thus challenging the legitimacy of Zoey’s paternity.