“I Only Wore It Because Of Omosh” Akothee Seen Wearing Jeans Trousers For The First Time

Akothee has always been known for her love of short and revealing outfits. However, the mother of five surprised many of her fans when she was recently seen wearing a pair of jeans trousers.

In a social media post, Akothee revealed that her husband, Omosh, had bought her the jeans trousers and asked her to wear them. Despite feeling uncomfortable in them, Akothee wore the trousers out of respect for her husband’s request.

The singer admitted that she rarely wears trousers, especially jeans, as she prefers more revealing clothing. Akothee’s fans were surprised to see her in a different outfit, but many commended her for stepping out of her comfort zone.

Although Akothee may not be a fan of trousers, she proved that she is willing to make exceptions for the people she loves.