“Uko Na Matiti Si Ushike Tu Mimba Uanze Kunyonyesha” Makena Njeri Addresses Concerns Why She Behaves Likes A Man

To begin with, there exists a degree of variation within the groups of gay men and lesbians, with some gay men displaying somewhat feminine traits and some lesbians exhibiting somewhat masculine qualities.

It is important to note that not all lesbian or gay relationships adhere to traditional “men” and “women” roles. In certain lesbian couples, both partners may lean towards either the masculine or feminine side, and the same applies to gay relationships.

Makena Njeri identifies as a masculine lesbian, assuming a “man” role within her partnerships while her partners tend to be more feminine. Recently, Njeri had to address concerns raised by a critic on social media regarding her behavior.

A comment from a user named Doryn_darlin stated, “Uko na matiti si ushike tu mimba na uanze kunyonyesha” (You have breasts, why don’t you just get pregnant and start breastfeeding?). In response, Njeri expressed her thoughts, questioning why her body parts were causing distress and why someone felt entitled to dictate what she should do with her own body.

Makena Njeri possesses remarkable qualities that greatly appeal to others, surpassing those of the average lesbian. Consequently, people are consistently drawn to her.

Her ex-girlfriend Michelle Ntalami revealed Njeri’s history of infidelity, exposing her as a serial cheater. Ntalami provided a detailed account of how Njeri had betrayed her trust by engaging in relationships with multiple women.

Ntalami shared her struggles with Njeri, whose insatiable appetite for cheating caused tremendous heartbreak. Due to pressure from her online followers, Ntalami felt compelled to bring this matter into the public sphere.

Following Ntalami’s shocking revelation, Andrew Kibe shared his personal experience of meeting Njeri in person.

The controversial blogger described Makena Njeri as a magnetic individual, possessing exceptionally appealing qualities that lesbians find irresistible.

Kibe attributed Njeri’s allure to her ostentatious and flamboyant personality, which attracts women who are attracted to their own gender.

“I’ve had the opportunity to meet Makena. She is a captivating individual. If you ever encounter her, you’ll understand why other women continually fall for her. She exudes incredible energy and confidence. I was taken aback by her presence and the way she spoke to me. At the time, she was in a relationship with a woman named Michelle, who is also a wonderful person. I’ve known her for quite some time.”

Kibe further mentioned that when he met Njeri and Michelle, their relationship appeared to be in a positive state.