Kambirwa Women Complain Of Low Sex Urge From Their Husband’s.

There was drama in Kambirwa-Malewa area of Murang’a County yesterday, May 28, after the residents took to the streets demonstrating against the increase of illicit brew in the area which has turned their men of that area into ‘walking zombies’.

The ladies who were accompanied by their children said that the area has been affected by the increase of substance abuse and their husband’s have lost the sex drive.

“Mimi nimekaukiwa sana, mume wangu ni Chang’aa tu, asubuhi, lunch na jioni, tuukienda kwa kitanda, anakwamilia juu napata ashalala,” said Jane Wangari.

The residents also claimed that the area chief and the police have colluded with the brewers since their complaints are never followed up.

The angry residents said that they will give the relevant authorities a one week ultimatum in reducing the Chang’aa trade in the area or else they will take actions into their own hands.

Our attempts to get a response from the area Chief bore no fruits.

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