STOP Writing garbage! Trio Mio mum blasts KOT after release of KCSE

Teen rapper Trio Mio is trending on Twitter as Education CS Ezekiel Machogu announces KCSE results for 2022.

Kenyans on Twitter (KOT), have made Trio the trending topic as they eagerly wait to see what he will score in the KCSE exams.

Speaking to muranganews, his mum, Irma Sofia Sakwa has blasted KOT to stop the troll and keep calm, hinting that her son has done well.

“I don’t know why my son is attracting such fake attention on Twitter,” she said.

She added that the results would be posted on Trio’s social media pages.

“Ambia KOT watulie (Tell KOT to chill and relax). We are printing and releasing the results for you in due time. So guys, keep calm. Stop writing the bullsh*t and garbage about my son,” she said.

Just the other day, Trio said that he is not worried about the grade he will get once the Kenya Certificate of Secondary Education (KCSE) results are announced.

“Dimba sijawaikuwa starting team, mbuku sishiki nothing in, but kitu inaitwa mziki mimi ni mwalimu mkuu na marking scheme,” he raps in the 2-minute video.

“Ka topic ni success niko na A kwa school of life, ile KNEC watanipea haitawai determine food ya mine…”

He goes on to rap; “Nyi wote mngekuwa na A mngekuwa ma civil engineer, mnapigania kuget position mtoi wa mkuu anaorganiziwa.”

The education minister announced that 173,345 candidates scored C+ and above.

A total of 1,146 candidates scored grade A.

Last year, 884,263 candidates sat the Kenya Certificate of Secondary Education.

Male candidates were 405,962, while 420,845 were female.

Following the announcement, candidates can now access their results through the Kenya National Examination Council (KNEC) website.

“Candidates will collect their results from respective examination centres,” Machogu said.

Those using the portal are advised to head to the KCSE tab, select the year they sat for the national exams, and enter their Index number.

For those using the SMS platform, the CS said parents, guardians, and students should send their index number, followed by the initials KCSE (in capital letters) to 20076 to access the results.