Mimi Hupea Bahati Mechi ata Nikiwa Nanyesha,Diana Marua reveals

The Bahati family is known for their openness and willingness to share their personal lives with the public. Diana and Bahati are a highly regarded couple in Kenya, often sharing their relationship accomplishments and secrets with their fans…. CONTINUE READING

Recently, a viral video showcased Diana Marua sharing a unique detail about her and Bahati’s bedroom habits. After returning from her grandmother’s funeral in Migori, Bahati expressed his disappointment in missing out on Diana’s affections for the five days she was away.

Diana interrupted Bahati’s complaints to reveal to the public that he is quite insatiable. Despite her menstrual cycle, Bahati requested intimacy, and as a devoted and obedient wife, Diana obliged without hesitation.

The Bahati family’s transparency has certainly caught the attention of many, making them one of the most interesting celebrity families in Kenya.