Chris Kirwa Defends Trio Mio From Trolls On His KCSE Results -

Chris Kirwa Defends Trio Mio From Trolls On His KCSE Results

Kenyan artist Trio Mio has become an online sensation following the release of the 2022 KCSE – Kenya Certificate of Secondary Education results. Despite not having made his own results public yet, Trio Mio has faced a number of trolls from Kenyans who have taken to social media to mock him.

In defense of Trio Mio, Chris Kirwa has spoken out against these trolls, urging them to stop and reminding them that no matter what grade Trio Mio receives, he will still have the opportunity to employ those who scored higher in the future.

“To those trolling Trio Mio for whatever results he got: He might not have scored straight As, he will not be carried shoulder high, and media headlines won’t scream his name as a top student! But in a few years, he will employ top A students as his managers. Soon, bro! You will need them to manage your business. Take time and celebrate them, straight A students bro. Ignore them, short-sighted people,” wrote Chris Kirwa.

The trolls that have surfaced on social media include comments such as, “Kenyan musician Trio Mio scores a B- in KCSE. Congratulations Trio, you deserve it,” and “Trio Mio trying to explain to tweeps that failing KCSE exams does not determine one’s destiny.”