‘It was supposed to be me’ – Shakila ‘hurt’ after Eric Omondi, Lynne welcomed their first child -

‘It was supposed to be me’ – Shakila ‘hurt’ after Eric Omondi, Lynne welcomed their first child

Kenyan socialite Shakila Amin expressed her disappointment after learning that comedian Eric Omondi had sired a baby with another woman.

The self-declared ‘Queen of the Streets’, known for her candid demeanour, revealed that she was not pleased to hear about Eric Omondi’s new baby with his lover Lynne.

Shakila said she has always wanted to be Eric Omondi’s baby mama.

“When I heard the news I was a little bit hurt, I was not happy. Eric Omondi and I are still friends; we still talk from time to time,” Shakila expressed.

She further revealed that she didn’t feel comfortable congratulating him as she was unhappy.

“I did not congratulate him because it was supposed to be me. I was not happy!” She confessed.

Shakila accuses Eric of using her

In November 2022, Shakila accused the comedian of exploiting her to promote his shows without providing any compensation.

She specifically cited an incident in 2021 during the filming of Eric Omondi’s controversial “Wife Material” show.

According to Shakila, Eric Omondi had allegedly refused to pay her and the rest of the cast members for their participation in the show.

“Eric has used me in so many ways. He did not pay me or anyone on the ‘Wife Material’ show and was biased and unfair in choosing the winner, so I had to come up with a wise way to gain from the show,” Shakila lamented during an Instagram Live session.

She had also admitted to adopting a dramatic approach to benefit from the show.

“If I don’t get any monetary value from this, at least I’ll get social media presence out of it,” she revealed.

Shakila did not mince words when addressing Eric Omondi’s claims of supporting local talents.

“Eric uses people. You cannot claim you are supporting artistes and you are not paying content creators,” she asserted.

This came barely months after the socialite had claimed to be pregnant by Omondi and later retracted confessing that she was chasing clout.

Eric responds to Shakila

In his conversation with Milele FM, Omondi strongly denied all allegations, emphasizing that the terms during the Wife Material show were explicit: no participants were meant to receive payment.

However, he did confirm compensating the socialite Ksh18,000 for her involvement in his other show named Divalicious.

Eric Omondi went on to assert that he maintained a professional boundary with the socialite and did not sleep with her.

“I swear to God I paid her Ksh18,000 for the Divalicious show. About the Wife Material show, it is public knowledge that nobody was paid. That was a platform for the cast to take advantage of as I was using my own money,” Eric Omondi said.