Man Kills Murang’a University Graduate After He Paid for Her University Education, Only for Her to Dump Him

In a harrowing tale of betrayal and violence, Evans Kosgei, a resident of Elgeyo Marakwet, made headlines after murdering his wife in cold blood…. CONTINUE READING

Prior to this horrific act, Kosgei had taken to social media platform X, formerly known as Twitter, to issue a series of chilling threats against his spouse.

Despite tagging law enforcement agencies and mainstream media outlets in his tweets, Kosgei’s warnings tragically went unheeded.

Through his online messages, Kosgei recounted the story of his relationship with his now-deceased wife, beginning from their high school days to their eventual marriage after welcoming their first child.

However, their once blissful union turned sour amidst allegations of infidelity on the wife’s part following her employment.

Kosgei admitted to invading her privacy by snooping through her phone, where he discovered evidence of her involvement with another man.

Feelings of betrayal and resentment simmered in Kosgei’s heart as he expressed his disillusionment in his wife’s actions.

In a poignant tweet, he lamented how she had broken the promises they made to each other over the course of their nine-year relationship, highlighting the deep trust he had placed in her.

Tragically, Kosgei’s simmering anger culminated in the ultimate act of violence as he carried out the murder he had been plotting for the past month. D onespite his heinous actions, Kosgei remains at large, evading authorities as the search for justice intensifies