Awinja: From working as Mama Mboga to bagging Multimillion deals

Former Papa Shirandula actress Awinja has revealed that she suffered a lot in life, after her father died. She used to work as a Mama mboga among other hustles like selling children, cigarettes, so that she can put food on the table.

Awinja whose real name is Jackie Vike revealed that she did all of these hustles, so that she can help her mother. Her mother worked with the city council, and her salary used to delay for three to four months. Awinja thanked God, because they were able to survive.

She is now celebrating her mother’s birthday, and she penned her an emotional message. You should know that having a side hustle is one of the most important thing, if a person wants to survive in this harsh world.

You can not depend on your salary alone, because it will never be enough. Many people in Kenya are suffering today, because they are only depending on employment. You have seen many of the Kenyan workers going on strikes, so that their employers can increase their salary

You must know that the money you are being paid will never be enough, even if your employer decides to increase your salary. You should start a side hustle job, so that you can carter for your other needs. Awinja used to do side hustle jobs, and she helped her mother with it.

She said that her mother was being paid a peanut salary, and the salary could delay even for three months. You must learn to start a side business, even you doesn’t want to feel the rath of being broke. You should know that many people have succeeded in their side hustles, therefore you are not an exception.

Others decided to quit their salaried jobs, so that they can focus fully on their side hustles. They have grown their side hustles today, and they are now mangers of their own business. Many of them have even employed others, and they have helped in building the economy of the nation.