Murang’a Man Beats Wife To A Pulp For Allegedly Not ‘Teaching’ Him How To Use TikTok.

A middle aged man from Kambirwa-Kiharu is said to have served a thorough beating to his wife on Wednesday evening after she failed to show him how to use TikTok.

According to reports, the man had just returned home and found his wife busy watching funny clips on the social media App and demanded to be shown how to use the same.

It is here that the wife busted out saying that she can’t teach him since he will get addicted and forget about her when he sees the beautiful girls with big behind on the application.

“We heard commotion in their house and moments later she was thrown out of the house accompanied with heavy kicks from her husband,” a neighbor said.

“The only thing we could hear from the fight as a result of the screams from the wife was ‘Tiktok’ and ‘Matako’ (buttocks). We tried to intervene but the two stopped fighting when they saw area Nyumba Kumi elder,” the neighbor added.

The couple is said to have returned back into their house and moments later, neighbors stated that the two started laughing as if nothing had happened.