Man commits suicide after lady he rejected accused him of rape

The story of a young man from Nigerian, Izu who has committed suicide after he was falsely accused of rape by a so-called social media influencer, Nani Punani is going viral under the #JustiuceforIzu.

It has been revealed that the young man begged the lady to tell him who he raped but she refused and only said it was a ‘None Physical Sexual Assault’ (Whatever that means).

As usual, he was attacked and mocked by social media users. He was not even allowed to explain himself. Well. He couldn’t stand the humiliation and killed himself.

The girl has deactivated her social media handles after Izu’s death went public. And it has now been revealed that she proposed to the guy in the past and he bounced her!.

All it took for the young man to die was for a revengeful girl to tag him a rapist.