“Ulinajisi Jukwaa La Mungu?”: Cassypool Bashes Moya For Dancing At Shusha Nyavu Concert

Renowned speaker Cassypool Capon has accused the organizers of the Crossover Concert of a grave error by allowing hypocrites to share the stage with Tanzanian gospel artist Christina Shusho.

In a widely circulated video on social media, Dr. Cassypool criticized event planners, including Churchill, for permitting the presence of morally questionable Kenyan artists, exemplified by secular artist David Moya, alongside a respected woman of God.

Cassypool exclaimed, “You defile the stage of the Almighty by using individuals whom we know are hypocrites to share the stage with a spiritual mother. Oh my! You wronged Shusho!”

During the crossover concert on the 31st at Garden City, attendees were displeased with David Moya’s actions, as he carried flowers and took the stage to present them to the celebrated gospel artist Christina Shusho.

On stage, Moya went down on one knee, a gesture resembling a marriage proposal to Christina Shusho, leaving the woman of God shocked and speechless.

Dr. Cassypool Capon, addressing David Moya’s inappropriate behavior, further condemned it as a sign of disrespect towards both the woman of God and God Himself.

“Are you playing with the spiritual mother, my love? A child comes to play sexy games on the sacred altar. He defiles the altar of the Almighty. It’s deeply painful. You defile by bringing children who have just engaged in their worldly activities, not even dried off, and you bring them to the altar of the Almighty to play sexy games. Come on!” Cassypool added.