left lung yangu imecollapse- MC John Maina AKA “MC Fullstop” opens up on battling Tuberculosis

Renowned Reggae MC, John Maina, popularly known as MC Fullstop, recently revealed that he is operating with one lung. He took to his official Twitter account to update his fans on his health status, disclosing that he was diagnosed with TB in 2021, which caused damage to his left lung. In 2022, he was diagnosed with TB again, this time affecting his throat. Due to the illness, Fullstop is currently experiencing difficulties in talking, running, and even walking.

Expressing his situation, he said, “Hii imeenda literally. My left lung has totally collapsed nimebaki na moja. In 2021 I was diagnosed with TB ya lungs ikasosi lungs kabisa. 2022 nikapata TB ya throat nayo ikanimaliza sauti, Running, walking, kuongea ni shida.”

MC Fullstop expressed gratitude to everyone who supported him throughout his battle with TB. He also hinted that he would retire from his career as an MC, stating that lungs do not have the capacity to heal like the liver.

He said, “Alafu lungs zina lungs ufala unlike Liver, haiwezi ji heal itabidi nijipange hapa naona Niki hang boots. I just wanna say thanks kwa wale wamekuwa wakini support in this difficult moment’s God awa bless tu sana.”

The reggae MC has been in and out of the hospital for some time now, and a section of his fans took to social media to wish him a quick recovery.

Messages from Fans and Celebrities’ 

djmokenya You are a legend and one of the baddest in 254 and for sure bro God heals .keep praying and trusting Him in this whole process . Bless up 👊🏻.. you got this

ruffestdjmoh Lazima Upige @alutagardenbyquiver #StopOfTheFools 🙌

talliaoyando Sending you positive energy and love bro. Keep fighting you got this. Super MC … keep fighting.. Strong 💪🏾 … God bless you

misskatiwa I pray for your healing, I just took a moment to pray for you Master, you’re healed 🙏, you’re a blessing 🙌, and you are a talent we can never question 💯, we love you and support you ❤️. We want to see you back and stronger so keep on fighting 💪

wesleytheedj Saying a prayer for you bro, God will come through and will provide for you and fam🙏

jfamkenya Bro you are a star of hope to many, keep the faith! Be strong! Jah lives 🙏🏽🙏🏽 never give up!

patrickigunza Pole sana broman. God’s Grace and healing. In our prayers.