Wanunu Tell Kenyans To Watch Their Friends, Says Life Is Not All About Alcohol.

Celebrity prison officer Mary Wanunu has advised netizens to be mindful of the friends they associate with; says a friend who buys you expensive alcohol but can’t help with your essential needs should be avoided.

She advised Kenyans to be wise adding that life is not just all about having fun.

Get rid of those friends who want to prove their potential by paying expensive alcohol bills but will always give lame excuses to you when you have important needs.

Just run . Life isn’t all about alcohol. Be wise and change your circle,

she said.

Earlier on, Musician samidoh had taken a picture of himself with Wanunu causing massive reactions among social media users.

Surprisingly, Mary, despite the fact that she works as a prison warden, is also a famous entertainer in the country working as a video Vixen.