Aki Woiyee! Woman Cries After Sister Runs Away With Her Husband

I don’t think you need to die to experience hell. Hell is here on earth. Some of you have never been
there and I really pray that I you shouldn’t.

I am the firstborn in a family of three girls. My youngest sister is a talented basketballer, currently
playing the game professionally in Europe.
The one that follows me is a devilish slay queen who only cares about herself. Unfortunately my parents
love her to the moon and back. Sometimes I think that they didn’t plan for my pregnancy and that’s why
they hate me that much.
In 2015, I got married to a very good man in Nairobi. Paul a doctor in one of the leading private hospitals
in Kenya, is every woman’s dream man. Athletic, intelligent and more importantly caring.
I just don’t understand why my mother would demand that my sister comes to stay with us immediately
after our marriage. I have never found the time to question her but I hope one day I will.

Immediately after our marriage, my sister moved in with us and that was the end of my happiness.
Despite being a slay queen, Mercy is really a talented cook and well versed with the world of fashion.
She dresses to kill and makes exotic meals.
She used these skills to seduce my husband right before my eyes. Within six months after marriage, my
sister had stolen my husband. They kicked me out of the house.

I asked my parents to intervene, but they, especially my mother, said they can’t come between what
two adults had decided to do. I should swallow my pain and move on, that’s what she said.
That is when I decided to seek the services of Dr. Mugwenu, a leading herbalist in the region. I called
him and explained to him that my husband had been snatched by my sister.
Mugwenu performed his spell and my dear husband was back to me within one week.
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The traditional doctor says his spell casting powers work within 24 hours, and usually within the same
day they are released.
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