Mary Wambogo: Why I Regret Being Featured in Mugithi Artist Samidoh’s Video Despite Garnering 1.5 Million Views on YouTube

Mary Wambogo, a video vixen, found herself embroiled in controversy when she featured as the primary video vixen in the Mugithi hit, “Mburi ya Ibuku,” by Waweru Wa Kam and Samidoh. Released on YouTube on August 28, 2020, the song garnered over 1.5 million views, elevating its popularity. However, for Mary, this exposure became a source of regret and immense distress.

The narrative of the song revolves around the singers encountering a lady on Facebook who had presented a false identity, utilizing makeup and filters to enhance her appearance. Upon meeting her in person, they discovered a stark contrast between the virtual and real personas. Unfortunately, the consequences for Mary Wambogo transcended the fictional tale presented in the music video.

In an interview with YouTuber Wambui wa Mwangi, Mary revealed how her involvement in the music video had negatively impacted her life. The content of the song, initially intended as a fictional story, metamorphosed into a real-life nightmare for Mary as she became the target of cyberbullying and body shaming.

Individuals, misled by the narrative portrayed in the music video, began associating Mary with the lady who had assumed a false identity in the song. This led to an onslaught of online criticism and ridicule, significantly affecting Mary’s mental health. She shared her struggle with developing low self-esteem to the extent that she withdrew from public appearances.