“Nisaidieni sina ata Chakula,” Ngesh Kaveve Kazoze Plead for Help.

The Kenyan Gengetone group, Spider Clan, renowned for their chart-topping track “Rieng Genje” featuring the catchy lyrics “Cash crop ya Nyandarua ni Mawaru,” “Kaveve kazoze,” and “unibebe hadi mbere ya kerende,” has issued an appeal for assistance.

In an unexpected revelation, the musicians disclosed that they did not earn any income from their viral song, despite its prolonged trendiness. Contrary to public assumptions, they clarified that they did not realize any financial gains from the song until it garnered 4 million views, at which point they became aware of its monetization potential.

The artists lamented that the only beneficiary of the song’s numerous views was the sound producer, who successfully monetized the track on his end, leaving them devoid of earnings despite their dedicated effort and creativity.

They emphasized the difficulty in convincing others of their financial situation, asserting that the lavish lifestyle seen online does not reflect their current reality. One member stated, “So wenye wanasema ati tuko na doo juu ya hio ngoma, hio ngoma ilitupea fame, jina ni kubwa lakini doo hakuna.”

During an interview with Jalang’o TV, the singers of “Kaveve Kazoze” expressed their disappointment with former Nairobi Governor Mike Sonko. Although Sonko had facilitated their travel to Mombasa for a performance by covering flight and accommodation expenses, he allegedly failed to fulfill other promises made to support them.

Ngesh, a member of Spider Clan, revealed that communication with Mike Sonko ceased after the Mombasa show, leaving the group feeling let down by unfulfilled commitments. She stated, “Alitupeleka show Mombasa, akatulipia flight na hatukuwai enda na flight hata kama ni mbali hivyo, akatupiga luku na accommodation na kurudi sasa fare. Sasa since hapo zile promises alikuwa ametupromise ziliishia tu hapo hivyo.”

Desperate for opportunities, the group pleaded with club promoters to invite them for shows. Addressing a controversy involving comedian 2mbili, Ngesh explained that she couldn’t accept his help because it was intended solely for her and not the entire crew. While the conflict strained their relationship, she clarified that she harbored no ill feelings towards him.

Despite the global popularity of their Gengetone hit, boasting over 4.2 million views six months after its release, Spider Clan finds themselves grappling with financial challenges and unfulfilled promises from key figures in the industry.