“Watoto wa Siku Hizi Hawaogopi hawana Adabu” Khadija Kopa Laments Being Hit On By Young Men

Khadija Kopa, the esteemed Taarab singer and mother of the well-known Bongo artist Zuchu, has openly acknowledged receiving romantic advances from younger men. During an interview with Wasafi FM, she addressed the question of whether she had found a partner to settle down with….CONTINUE READING

However, she clarified her disinterest in younger men, often referred to as Ben 10s. In her words, “Wanatokezea lakini sitaki vijana. Mungu hajanijalia kupata wanaume watu wazima, sijui kwa nini” (Men are approaching me, but I don’t want youths. I don’t know why God has not blessed me with a mature man).

She expressed her observation that contemporary youth seem fearless, and when asked about how she responds to the younger men expressing interest, Khadija said, “I tell them you are very young compared to me. We don’t deserve each other. Find a fellow youth because I have no time for that.”

Khadija Kopa, a 61-year-old musician, lost her husband, Jaffary Ally, after a brief illness in June 2013. In February of the previous year, she had stated her readiness to give marriage a second chance, outlining specific conditions for a potential partner—someone seeking a lifelong commitment and aged 50 and above.

Notably, her daughter Zuchu has been making headlines for her relationship with Diamond, who is also her boss. Zuchu recently announced their separation, citing a lack of respect in their relationship as the primary reason for their decision to part ways.

Earlier, Khadija had expressed her lack of recognition for her daughter’s relationship, emphasizing that in their cultural context, relationships are formally acknowledged when someone visits the house and introduces themselves. In an interview, she stated, “I do not know her relationship. Because the relationships that we old people know according to the order of our culture is when someone comes to the house and introduces themselves, that’s when you know about the relationships. But I don’t know foreign relations. Ask her about the relationship.”