“Sitakuweka Njaa Kama Mackenzie aki” Stivo Confesses Love For Betty Kyallo

Stivo Simple Boy continues to captivate and delight us, endearing himself to Kenyans who appreciate his local music and speeches. Recently, Betty Kyallo shared moments from her vacation in Mombasa on her Instagram page, featuring her mother, Ivana, and other family members enjoying beach activities. The images portrayed a heartwarming scene of swimming and leisure.

During the vacation, Betty Kyallo posted a photo on a grassy field that generated significant attention on Instagram. Numerous people responded with comments expressing desire and admiration, prompting Betty to clarify that she was not currently seeking a relationship. Stivo Simple Boy, in his characteristic style, seized the opportunity to declare his single status and express his interest in being Betty Kyallo’s exclusive romantic partner.

Stivo began by expressing his dismay at those who consistently highlight the negative aspects of relationships to Betty. He emphasized that someone as beautiful as Betty, with flawless skin and looks, should never experience disappointment or heartbreak. Stivo Simple Boy proceeded to propose to Betty, extending an offer to shower her with a love that surpasses any she has received before. Revealing his long-standing single status, Stivo conveyed his conviction that he could offer Betty an unparalleled love experience.

Assuring Betty that he would not let her experience emotional hunger, a reference to a previous incident with another individual named Mackenzie, Stivo painted a picture of a harmonious and fulfilling relationship. In his proposal, Stivo expressed confidence that if Betty accepted his advances, their love story would unfold like a paradise, bringing a unique and blissful experience.