Pregnant Kakamega Woman Goes to the Toilet to Pee, ‘Unknowingly’ Gives Birth in Latrine, and Baby Falls Inside

Tragedy unfolded in Kakamega County when a pregnant woman residing in Lwatingu village underwent an unforeseen and harrowing ordeal.

In a startling incident that left the community in a state of disbelief, the woman recounted accidentally dropping her newborn into a pit latrine while attempting to relieve herself.

The distressing episode came to light when a video of the anguished woman surfaced, catching the attention of The Star. In the video, she tearfully explained that she had not been aware of her impending due date when she went to use the latrine.

It was during this unsuspecting moment that she unexpectedly gave birth, resulting tragically in the baby falling into the pit latrine.

The mother of three further disclosed that she had started experiencing labor pains around 3 am on that fateful day.

Recognizing the urgency of the situation, she urgently requested her husband to arrange for a motorbike to transport her to the hospital. However, the delay in securing transportation by her husband led to crucial time being lost.

According to the woman, she had implored her husband to find two individuals who could assist her in reaching the hospital. However, he asserted that people in the area refrained from venturing out at night, causing further delays.

It was only later that the woman’s husband sensed something awry. Noticing that his wife no longer appeared pregnant, suspicion arose. Upon discovering bloodstains in the latrine, he sought help from neighbors to determine the baby’s whereabouts.

The situation quickly garnered attention, prompting concerned residents and the police to gather at the pit latrine to initiate rescue operations.

The primary focus was on safely retrieving the newborn from the pit latrine.

Urgently, the police and rescue teams were summoned to the homestead to assist in the delicate rescue mission. The entire community anxiously awaited the outcome, hoping for a miracle that the baby could be rescued unharmed.