Frank Confirms Breakup With Rahma, Says He is Still Married to Murugi -

Frank Confirms Breakup With Rahma, Says He is Still Married to Murugi

Belgian content creator Frank Knarf, known for his controversial persona, recently addressed some rumors about his marital status. During an Instagram Q&A session with his fans, one of them inquired about his alleged divorce from his Kenyan wife, Murugi. Frank unequivocally denied these claims, affirming that he and Murugi are still happily married and on good terms.

Responding to another question from his followers, Frank admitted that he had separated from his Brazilian wife, Rahma, who is about to turn 20 next month. He clarified that his actions were not intended to hurt Murugi and that he had been upfront about his feelings when he fell in love with Rahma. Frank also revealed that he had no intention of repeating such a situation in the future.

In April, Frank celebrated his one-year anniversary with Rahma, sharing a heartfelt message expressing his gratitude for the memories they had created together since they first met. Despite facing numerous challenges in their relationship, he emphasized that their marriage remained strong, and they considered themselves inseparable.

As a symbol of their commitment, Frank had Rahma’s name tattooed on his neck, and she reciprocated by getting his name inked on her hand. This gesture underscored the depth of their connection.

In February, Frank’s relationship with Rahma underwent a significant change when he relocated to Belgium to be with her, despite initially denying their involvement. He had previously declared his love for Murugi, his wife, while suggesting that Rahma was trying to disrupt their relationship. However, he later asserted that he had the right to have multiple women in his life as long as he treated them all with love and respect.

Shortly thereafter, Murugi confirmed her breakup with Frank and expressed her focus on raising her daughter, Kenia. Frank and Murugi had tied the knot in a private wedding ceremony two years ago.

As of now, there has been no statement from Murugi regarding the possibility of reconciling with Frank, leaving their relationship status uncertain.