Pope Francis: Homosexuality is not a Crime, but it is a Sin

Pope Francis has issued a letter to clear up his statements regarding homosexuality and sin. He emphasized that he was referring to the Catholic moral teachings which categorize homosexuality as a sin. He wrote that every sexual act outside of marriage is a sin according to Catholic teaching.

In a recent interview with the Associated Press, Pope Francis stated that the criminalization of homosexuality is unfair and unjust, and that homosexuality itself is not a crime. He further explained that he should have specified that homosexuality, like any other sexual act outside of marriage, is considered a sin in Catholic morality. This is because Catholic morality takes into consideration not only the act itself, but also the intention and freedom involved in committing the sin.

Pope Francis emphasized that homosexuality is not a crime, but it is a sin. He urged people to distinguish between sin and crime and to understand that Catholic morality evaluates both the act and the intention behind it.

His call for the decriminalization of homosexuality was welcomed by LGBTQ advocates as it could help reduce harassment and violence against LGBTQ individuals.