Weatherman in Kenya Lists Areas to Receive Heavy Rainfall as Schools Reopen on Monday

The Kenya Meteorological Department has issued a warning concerning the imminent heavy rains anticipated across various regions of the country over the next 48 hours.

As per the advisory, the Kenya Met outlined that localized heavy downpours are likely to impact areas in Western Kenya, the Rift Valley, and the Central Highlands. Similar weather conditions are also forecasted for the Lake Victoria Basin, the North Coast, and offshore locales.

The meteorological forecasts indicate that these regions should brace for intense rainfall starting from Thursday, May 9, extending through Friday, May 10.

Residents are strongly cautioned to prioritize safety measures and abstain from activities that might jeopardize their well-being, particularly in regions where flooding persists.

“Continuous rainfall expected across multiple regions. Stay vigilant and prepared,” urged the meteorological department to Kenyans.

However, Nairobi’s weather outlook suggests cloudy skies with occasional sunny breaks during the day and sporadic light to moderate showers.

This announcement from the weather authorities coincides with President William Ruto’s recent declaration regarding the reopening of schools scheduled for May 13.

Ruto’s decision follows his earlier directive to indefinitely shut down schools due to the widespread floods affecting various parts of the nation.

“Based on expert assessments and government evaluations, it’s deemed safe for our children to resume school,” affirmed the head of state as he ordered the resumption of educational activities.

Furthermore, in his decree, President Ruto designated Friday, May 10, as a public holiday dedicated to honoring those affected by the floods.

“On this day, we shall engage in tree planting activities as a reminder that environmental stewardship is pivotal in combatting climate change,” emphasized the president.