“Ma-Engine Kubwa Tupu!” Edday Nderitu Poses With Her 9 New Hot Girl-friends From The US

“Wote ni mali safi! Incredible Queens!” “Radiating more brilliance than one can fathom!” Exclaimed social media users.

Edday Nderitu’s life took a transformative turn when she made the momentous decision to leave Kenya and start anew in the United States with her children. Her journey across continents was spurred by a profound desire for mental well-being, not just for herself but also for her cherished children.

This pivotal decision followed a chilly separation from her husband, Samidoh, who had chosen to share his affections with Karen Nyamu. Edday resolutely affirmed her commitment to her principles, refusing to compromise by sharing her husband, even though Karen Nyamu claimed to be comfortable with the situation.

Since their relocation to the United States, Edday and her children have seamlessly integrated into their new lives. In addition to adapting to the American way of life, Edday has succeeded in constructing a robust support network and fostering new friendships.

Among her expanding circle of friends, Edday shares a special bond with Bernice, who happens to be Samidoh’s cousin.

Edday recently shared a delightful photograph on her social media, showcasing her blossoming friendships.

In the image, Edday and her friends strike poses reminiscent of professional models, exuding an aura of joy and positivity.

Their plans for the day involved relishing quality time together during what seemed like a “girls’ day out.”

The photograph swiftly captured the attention of netizens, who couldn’t help but admire this vibrant group of women.

Many lauded these ladies for their confidence and beauty, celebrating the diversity in body sizes and shapes among Edday’s friends. Most of Edday’s companions in the photo embodied the essence of curvy and plus-sized beauty queens.

Edday Nderitu’s journey to the United States was undeniably a courageous step that prioritized her mental health and the well-being of her children.