“Watoto Wenu Ni Kunyonya,Kunyamba na Kulala ,” Socialite Amber Ray says as her 8 months Daughter Lands Brand Ambassador Gig

Amber Ray’s daughter recently secured a lucrative ambassadorial position shortly after her parents unveiled her face to the public. In a shared online video clip, Africanah Rapudo was seen being chauffeured to a beauty shop in her parents’ Range Rover for a shopping spree.

The young socialite’s daughter is set to be the brand ambassador for Enkwanzi Beauty’s baby products. Amber Ray proudly announced the news on her Instagram page, highlighting her daughter as the young boss of the household who has started earning a living at an early age.

“Balancing ambition with grace – a young lady thriving in the business hustle… I am officially the face of @enkwanzi_beauty baby products. #BusinessQueenat8months #Amberaysgirl #mtotowatajiri,” wrote Amber Ray.

Furthermore, Amber commended her 8-month-old daughter for being a boss at such a young age, expressing her congratulations to Africanah Rapudo.

The public unveiling of Africanah Rapudo’s face drew attention from notable celebrities like Oga Obinna, Eric Omondi, and makeup artist Phoina, among others. The event saw men dressed in black and white attire, while females adorned complete black outfits. In contrast, the elegant 8-month-old baby was dressed in a red full dress.

After the face revelation, Amber Ray addressed online speculation that the baby might not resemble her husband. She dismissed claims suggesting infidelity, asserting that the child indeed takes after her husband.