Catherine Muringo :I bought Ksh.700K Car 3 months after getting into Mitumba business

Some time back, Catherine Muringo stunned Kenyans with her revelation of purchasing a Ksh 700K car just three months into her Mitumba business venture. Catherine recounted how her second-hand clothing business flourished, resulting in significant profits within a short timeframe.

However, skepticism arose among some Kenyans who questioned the validity of her claim, expressing astonishment at such rapid progress.

So, how did Catherine Muringo initiate her Mitumba business?

Catherine Muringo delved into the second-hand clothing trade nine years ago when the market had relatively few participants. In an interview with The Standard, Catherine disclosed that she transitioned to Mitumba clothes after her salon business faltered, leaving her feeling despondent. With only Ksh. 2000 as initial capital, she embarked on her new venture.

Fortunately, the Mitumba business landscape was less saturated at the time, making it relatively easy for her to enter the market.

“I started the business with 2000 shillings. At the time, we did not face many challenges because very few people were involved in the business,” she recounted.

With her modest investment, Catherine ventured to Korogocho market where she purchased children’s clothing. To her delight, these clothes yielded a profit of Ksh. 9000.

Subsequently, Catherine encountered a helpful dealer who introduced her to a variety of bales, further enhancing the profitability of her business.

Presently, Catherine Muringo oversees a multimillion-shilling Mitumba enterprise in Gikomba and imports bales from overseas.

“I prefer Canadian bales because they are clean. I also source from Australia, the UK, sparingly from the US, and rarely from China. Initially, I was unaware of the distinctions between bales from China, Canada, the UK, or Australia; I used to purchase them indiscriminately,” she remarked.

Nissan X-TRAIL Car in Three Months

During an interview with NTV, Catherine Muringo caused a stir among Kenyans when she revealed that she purchased her first car just three months after entering the Mitumba business.

Catherine attributed her swift acquisition of a Ksh. 700K Nissan X-TRAIL to the substantial profits she accrued within a short timeframe.

“Business was booming. Within three months, I managed to buy a second-hand Nissan X-TRAIL valued at Ksh. 700K,” she shared.