Tiktoker Kinuthia: ‘My Nyash Has Made Me Rich’ -

Tiktoker Kinuthia: ‘My Nyash Has Made Me Rich’

Kelvin Kinuthia, a prominent figure in Kenya known for his distinctive cross-dressing style and content creation, is gaining widespread attention for his fearless and authentic self-expression. In a recent interview, he confidently celebrated his buttocks, humorously acknowledging their role in his financial success.

Kinuthia’s journey into the realms of cross-dressing and content creation has been characterized by an unwavering commitment to being himself. On various social media platforms, he has cultivated a substantial following by showcasing his intricate makeup, fashionable attire, long nails, wigs, and towering heels. During a recent conversation with Mpasho, when questioned about his favorite body part, he candidly declared, “I believe my buttocks deserve more love because they’ve not only given me a distinctive identity but have also been a source of income.”

Although Kinuthia’s striking appearance and unique style are attention-grabbing, he underscores that his cross-dressing persona is more than a mere fashion statement. To him, it represents a character he genuinely cherishes. He explained, “The most common query I receive on social media pertains to my sexuality. The reason I embrace dresses, makeup, and the like is that I wish to maintain this persona, the one people recognize and appreciate.”

Kinuthia’s family is fully informed about his presence on social media and his cross-dressing endeavors, viewing them as a form of business. He clarified that much of the clothing he wears serves marketing purposes, aligning with his confident and transparent approach to his identity.

Notably, Kinuthia proudly displays both the Kenyan flag and the LGBTQ+ flag on his social media profiles, signaling his solidarity with the LGBTQ+ community. While he is comfortable with his sexuality, he opts to keep it private, emphasizing that he doesn’t feel pressured to disclose it publicly.

Encountering negativity and haters on social media is an inevitable aspect of Kinuthia’s online presence, but he remains resilient. Instead of dwelling on negative comments, he chooses to block individuals who send hateful messages.

In a surprising revelation, Kinuthia disclosed that he regularly receives romantic advances from both male and female celebrities through direct messages (DMs) on social media. Despite the attention, he currently isn’t actively seeking a serious relationship. Kinuthia mentioned that while some celebrities have sent inappropriate messages, including explicit photos, he has chosen not to expose them because they approached him respectfully. However, he cautioned that if he ever had a change of heart, he might reconsider his stance on exposing such advances.