Murang’a Hospital Turns Into A Safe Haven For Gangsters.

Cases of insecurity are on the rise in Maragua as area thugs turned the Level Four Hospital into a safe haven and hiding place.

Residents who were speaking to the press on Tuesday, August 31, said that the Maragua Level Four Hospital guards are in cohorts with the thugs allowing them to operate in the government facility.

The residents went on to add that criminals run into the hospital and pose as patients once area police launch a manhunt.

We have been receiving many reports of criminals running away from police raids, entering the hospital compound and posing as patients. Because we cannot go about executing an operation in a hospital, we retreat,

noted Jacob Kimani, the Nyumba Kumi chairman.

He added that the rise of crime in the area has affected women the most since at times they get gang raped by the thugs.

We have silent victims who have even been raped as they walked to the hospital to seek services,

one of the victims remarked.

Commenting on the issue, Maragua Assistant County Commissioner, Joshua Okello revealed that crime gangs in the area has been a menace and if no measures will be taken, the area will turn into a crime town.

He is now calling on the Murang’a County government to allocate money that will help run the facility efficiently and prevent criminals from accessing the hospital as their hideout.