Comedian YY recounts the struggles he underwent when starting his comedy career

In a heartfelt and emotional interview, Kenyan comedian YY shared the significant challenges he encountered at the beginning of his career, offering fans a glimpse into the often unseen hardships and sacrifices behind his comedic success. Reflecting on his early days, YY revealed that some of his relatives, including his uncle, doubted his potential in comedy, fueling his determination to prove them wrong.

“There’s this uncle of mine who told me, ‘Hakuna chance yenye huyu jamaa ana… This guy is a thief, and he is going to be shot soon,’ just because I wasn’t appearing on TV shows like Churchill,” YY recounted.

After hearing these disparaging remarks from his uncle, YY left a family meeting and vowed to prove him wrong. Determined to succeed, he promised to do everything in his power to surpass the low expectations set for him.

“I kept doing my thing, and then the opportunity to be on TV came naturally. The shame came back to my uncle. I got promoted to the main show, and the rest is history,” YY shared.

Why YY Never Gave Up

YY, a devoted father, grew emotional as he explained why he continued to pursue his dream despite facing criticism and ridicule. His primary motivation was to ensure his mother lived a good life and earned the respect she deserved.

“One of the reasons I worked hard was for people to greet my mom with respect. I’ve seen a lot, and my mom has carried so many burdens on my behalf. She faced criticism for things I did without her knowledge,” YY explained.

He continued, “I always wanted people to say, ‘Pale ni kwa kina YY,’ and you know what? You have to put some respect on that name. I’m glad when people say, ‘Wewe ulifika usalimiangi watu,’ and I respond, ‘Yeah, mama yangu alifika.'”

YY’s journey exemplifies the resilience and determination needed to succeed in the entertainment industry. His story inspires aspiring comedians and artists, demonstrating that even the most successful figures have faced significant obstacles on their path to success. Today, YY is celebrated for his unique comedic voice and has garnered a loyal following.