Inside A Church in Nairobi Kawangware Where Latecomers are Punished & beaten

The Jerusalem Church of Christ in Kawangware 56 stands out among the churches in Kenya for its stringent regulations, led by the self-proclaimed prophetess Mary Sinaida Akatsa, widely known as Dada Mary.

One of the most rigid rules enforced by this church is its intolerance for latecomers. Dada Mary, who once asserted that she brought Jesus to Kenya in 1988, personally metes out punishment to anyone arriving late at their services, regardless of their age group.

Situated along the dusty Gatina Road in Kawangware 56, The Nairobian discovered the church surrounded by a tall perimeter wall. Worshipers, comprising women, men, and children, fervently engaged in clapping and singing, accompanied by guitars and rhythmic drumbeats.

Service at this church invariably commences at 10:00 am, and individuals arriving after 10:05 am find themselves locked out until the conclusion of the service, typically around 8:00 pm.

In addition to being barred from entry, Dada Mary reserves the right to administer physical punishment, including hot slaps or even whipping, justifying these actions as rooted in biblical principles. According to her, the fundamental concept is that people should demonstrate respect for the word of God, starting with punctuality in attending church. She contends that people manage to report to work promptly, and the house of God should be no exception.

Within the church, a distinct separation between men and women is enforced to prevent any potential admiration between genders. Numerous unique regulations prevail in the church, including the practice of conducting most services with attendees standing. Despite these stringent rules, Dada Mary has amassed a considerable following, with her followers staunchly believing in her teachings.