“I can’t date a guy who lives with his mother” but I can date a guy who lives with his wife, popular slay queen says

Living with one’s mother in their twenties is widely regarded as an unfavorable choice, not just by me but also by many others.

It is commonly understood that having a mother constantly present can be off-putting in the dating scene.

Any sensible woman would prefer to maintain her privacy without such intrusion.

Therefore, when selecting an ideal partner, it is crucial to ensure that he is an independent individual who is not overly reliant on his mother, both emotionally and practically.

While I have no objections to a man living with his spouse, living with his mother raises concerns about the possibility of him being excessively attached to her. This is certainly unattractive and goes against what I personally seek in a partner.

A genuine man is someone who is self-sufficient and capable of taking care of himself and his potential family.

I believe it is time for women to take control and reject anyone who is not suitable for us. Just as men have their own standards, women have theirs as well! This is precisely why I am regarded as a popular ‘Slay Queen’—I possess the ability to select the right partner for myself, and rest assured, that does not involve someone living with his mother.