Pritty Vishy says her ex boyfriend Stevo Simple Boy is not her type anymore

Kenyan social media influencer Pritty Vishy recently disclosed that her ex-boyfriend, Stevo Simple Boy, is no longer her type.

In an Instagram post, Pritty Vishy explained that she has moved on from her ex and no longer feels any obsession towards him. “You still obsessed with your ex? Mine is not even my type anymore,” she wrote.

The couple, who had been together for several years, ended their relationship in 2022.

During a recent interview with Oga Obinna, Pritty Vishy revealed that their breakup was influenced by tribal differences. She mentioned that Stevo’s mother disapproved of her community, and Stevo’s brothers also harbored negative feelings towards her.

Previously, Pritty admitted that she was the one who decided to end the relationship. Despite any past feelings, she stated that she would not consider reconciling with Stevo, even if he sought another chance.

Pritty also accused Stevo of infidelity, claiming he cheated on her with Grace Atieno. This accusation gained traction after it was revealed that Grace Atieno, Stevo’s wife, was pregnant with another man’s child.

For a while, Pritty has described herself as the “bitter ex-girlfriend,” openly sharing her experiences and emotions following the breakup.