legit apps that will enable you earn through mpesa in kenya

legit apps that will enable you earn through mpesa in kenya

Many people have been affected by the pandemic in terms of job loss or income reduction. Well, I have good news for you as there are some wonderful apps that could help you earn some cash. The best thing about these app is that they are free of charge, and they pay through mpesa and can be easily downloaded from the play store.

1)Opera news

This app is one of its kind if not the only legit app that pays you to write news articles. All you need is the app and a creative mindset which everyone has. You will first have to register as a creator. Once your account is approved, you can start posting articles and earn according to the number of clicks. Plus you do not have to waste a lot of time sharing the link to your post as the system does that for you.

2) Premise

This app is also very good and easy to use. Premise is an app that pays you to complete tasks and get rewarded. The tasks include surveys, discoveries and location. You can either withdraw your money to mpesa or use it to buy airtime once it reaches the minimum balance.

3) Wowzi

When I first heard of this app I was not sure if it was really good untill I decided to try it out. Toy surprise it surpassed my expectations. This app will actually pay you to post information on your social media accounts. The amount of money that you earn will be sent to your mpesa or bank account on a weekly basis.

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