Like Mother, Like Daughter. Ruebaby Introduce old Mzungu boyfriend

Akothee, the well-known Kenyan musician and entrepreneur, has consistently held a prominent position in the media spotlight, not only for her musical and business achievements but also for the vibrant aspects of her personal life. Recently, Ruebaby, one of Akothee’s daughters, captured headlines by introducing her Mzungu boyfriend to the public, prompting comparisons to her mother’s romantic history.

Ruebaby, officially known as Celly Rue Brown, is among Akothee’s five children. Her unveiling of her Caucasian boyfriend stirred up a storm on social media, with fans and followers expressing curiosity about her new relationship. The identity of Ruebaby’s boyfriend remains undisclosed, and their public appearances together have triggered speculation about her dating preferences and whether she is emulating her mother’s path.

Akothee herself has been a recurrent feature in headlines over the course of her career, often due to her romantic entanglements, particularly those involving Mzungu men. In 2016, Akothee made waves by introducing her Swiss boyfriend, later fondly referred to as her “Mr. President.” Nevertheless, their relationship eventually reached its conclusion.

More recently, Akothee’s 2021 wedding to a Mzungu man generated considerable attention. Unfortunately, their marital bliss was short-lived, concluding a mere two months after their extravagant ceremony. This abrupt separation garnered significant media coverage, leaving many speculating about the underlying reasons.

Ruebaby’s choice to date a Mzungu man has inevitably invited comparisons with her mother’s romantic history. While some may perceive it as Ruebaby following in her mother’s footsteps, it is crucial to recognize that individuals possess distinct preferences and motivations for their choices in partners.