4 pair of presenters with the best chemistry on Kikuyu radio CHECK!!!!!

Kikuyu radio presenter who form the Best Radio Duo

A duo presenter radio show can give audience the best listening experience assuming that the two presenters involved can rhyme together well to from a formidable chemistry

Notwithstanding, assuming the presenters can’t rhyme well to such an extent that they are continually seeking the competing for the microphone, they can be the most noticeably terrible thing you never ever want to listen again on the radio.

On Kenyan radio, there are prominent combinations of radio presenters that rhyme so well that even audience members look forward to their shows.

These combinations are so profoundly deep to a degree that if one of the duo presenters want to decamp to another station he/she cannot go without the other one.

For example, on the mainstream radio, we have the Maina-King’angi pair on Classic 105, Alex Mwakideu and Jalang’o who reunited at Milele FM after a short parting just to mention afew.

Likewise, on Kikuyu radio stations, such duos also exist.

Here we center around the four best duos so far.

Man Simo versus Katta

They host Inooro FM’s drive show (Cuacua) from 4 pm to 8 pm. Prior to evacuating to Inooro in 2010, both worked at the KBC-claimed Coro FM where they facilitated ‘Kumiria Nyaunyau’, a drive show on same time slot.

The two have a great chemistry such that listening at one of them when the other is away is completely boring. What makes their show tick is among other things, their ability to listen to each other’s funny tales before breaking out with an infectious laughter together.

Gatonye Wa Mbugua versus Mzee Kiengei

They are the presenters behind Kameme FM’s breakfast show, ‘Arahuka’. The explanation the two rhyme so well is on the grounds that the host, Gatonye, gives his co-host who is a comedian sufficient opportunity to make his jokes as far as possible without impolitely adding or cutting him midway.

This is generally the situation with some hosts who have a misrepresentation that they should be heard more than their co-hosts.

Nderitu Waihura versus Prof. Ngugi Njoroge

They host Inooro FM’s late night show ‘Keera’. Their politics and analysis show is second to none. It is well co-ordinated allowing listeners to understand in depth the politics of the day. The well-synergized show is ‘slow but sure’ with each presenter playing his role perfectly.

Muthoni Kirumba versus Mzee Kihenjo

You will concur that this is the best early in the morning show on Kikuyu radio right now. Despite the fact that the host, Muthoni, is pointlessly noisy and loud, Mzee Kihenjo’s ever comical jokes make the show tick all the way. Muthoni and Kihenjo have Kameme FM’s ‘Canjamuka’ show between 10 am and 1 pm.

There could be other combinations you might list, but you will agree that the above four ‘ticks louder’.