5 easy ways to relocate to Canada, US, UK, Australia -

5 easy ways to relocate to Canada, US, UK, Australia

As the economic situation in the country worsens, many Kenyans are opting to relocate to other countries in search of greener pastures. Emigrating is also a great way to experience new cultures and expand one’s career opportunities.

Here are seven common ways you can relocate abroad from Kenya:


One of the most common ways to relocate abroad is through education. Education scholarships are the holy grail of travelling/migrating abroad. There are hundreds of scholarship programs, but knowing where to look for them is the trick.

Many overseas universities constantly offer scholarships to students willing to advance their degrees, master’s, or PhD abroad.

These scholarships cover tuition or living costs, so you can work on your studies without worrying about your social life or living expenses.

Many of these scholarships are constantly advertised on social media or on the universities’ websites. However, it would be best if you considered the possibility of scams and always do your due diligence before paying for anything.


Another easy way to relocate abroad is to work in your dream country. Take the case of Larry Madowo, a Kenyan journalist who has worked and lived in numerous countries courtesy of his job at BBC. Or Beatrice Kariuki, the Nairobian chef who has lived in Europe for over 30 years working as a private chef.

You could take a leaf from them and start applying for opportunities to work abroad. You could also work for international companies in Kenya, which might give you opportunities to work abroad. However, the competition will likely be fierce, and you must be a top performer.

A professional LinkedIn profile would increase your chances of getting hired, as it shows recruiters exactly what you specialised in.

The Kenya Airlift Program

The KAP initiative allows brilliant Kenyan students to study in the USA despite their financial background. It’s one of the most common ways of relocating abroad from Kenya.

KAP offers these opportunities to students who want to pursue STEM or business-related master’s programs.

To apply, visit the Kenya airlift program website to learn about their requirements and how you can actualise the American dream.

Spouse Sponsorship

How to relocate abroad if you are married.

Suppose your spouse lives in the USA, Australia, or another European country. In that case, Canada or any they can sponsor you for an immigrant visa allowing you to be a permanent resident of these countries.

Whilst you don’t need education or work skills, you’ll need to pass a medical test and have a certificate of good conduct to qualify for the spouse sponsorship visa.


NGOs like the UN, Red Cross, UNESCO, and others have opportunities where you can apply as a volunteer to work abroad. While some of these volunteer programs might not pay, you can tour various countries and experience diverse cultures for free.

You can apply for volunteer programs on the websites of these NGOs.

Canadian Express Entry

This is one of the most popular pathways for skilled Kenyans who wish to immigrate to Canada for permanent residence. For eligibility, individuals must have college/ university degrees, professional work experience, and moderate proficiency in English or French.

To apply, you’ll be required to submit your education credentials, passport, and language test results, after which you’ll receive an invitation to provide more information about your application.

Green Card

A green card is an identification document that allows you to live, work, and own property in the USA. To get a green card, you’ll have to participate in the Green card Diversity Lottery which takes place in October of every year.

For eligibility, you’ll need a passport, a valid email address, and a digital photo of yourself. To apply, visit the www.usembassy.gov website for further information on how to apply.