Kitengela Wife Keeps Husband’s Decomposing Body Inside House, Hoping for his Resurrection

In Kitengela town, Kajiado County, a woman has been apprehended by law enforcement following the discovery of her husband’s decomposing body within their residence.

As per a report from Citizen, the 58-year-old woman had been cohabitating with her deceased husband’s body for several days, under the belief that his revival would restore their marital bond.

Prompted by complaints from neighbors regarding an unusual odor emanating from the woman’s premises, authorities conducted a raid on her residence.

Despite initial resistance to entry, officers gained access to the property and uncovered the deceased positioned beside the woman’s bed in the living quarters.

A source cited by Citizen recounted the woman’s visibly distressed state upon their arrival, describing her as physically debilitated and emotionally shaken.

According to community members, the woman professed to have kept her husband’s remains in anticipation of his resurrection.

It was revealed by neighbors that the couple adhered to a religious sect’s practices, which mandated a diet limited to bananas and watermelons.