Mr steal your girl – Peter Salaysa goes for a new look as he removes signature locks

Mumias East MP Peter Salasya has made a noticeable change in his appearance recently, as he has decided to part ways with his signature dreadlocks.

In a video circulating on Mpasho, the youthful legislator was observed getting his hair relaxed at a salon. He seemed quite comfortable as the hairdresser applied chemicals to his hair, ensuring it would be more manageable. Throughout the process, he engaged in light conversation, evidently at ease as he watched his transformation in the mirror.

Salasya’s distinctive hairstyle has long been a defining feature, drawing attention even from President Ruto. During a recent encounter at the Kakamega County International Investment Conference, President Ruto, in his characteristic manner of addressing leaders by name and inquiring about their constituencies, engaged with Salasya.

As the President greeted the assembled leaders, he came to Salasya, who greeted him with evident enthusiasm. Their exchange, captured by cameras, showcased Salasya’s confident demeanor as he maintained direct eye contact. When asked how he was faring, Salasya responded with a broad smile, prompting laughter from those around them.

In a lighthearted moment, President Ruto playfully inquired about Salasya’s hair, asking why he had decided to change his hairstyle. Salasya’s witty response, “Ukisema nitachanua” (When you say I should comb it), elicited further laughter from both the President and the crowd.

Salasya, a first-time MP, had been known for his slightly long, rugged hairstyle, but his recent decision to switch things up has certainly sparked conversation.