Ladies, Please Don't Date Married Men- Muthoni Wa Mukiri.
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Ladies, Please Don’t Date Married Men- Muthoni Wa Mukiri.

Taking to social media to address the issue, the former former Inooro TV News Anchor said that her biggest turn-off is someone dating a married man who is probably wasting their time.

“Dating someone who is married is my biggest turn-off. When you date a married man, they can never leave their spouse for you. They will also cheat on you as you have lowered your standards,” She said.


‘You can attract anyone but it’s up to you to choose who stays in your life.The reason you are dating a married men is out of desperation or just for material reasons.”

‘Why would you be someone who is married? It’s crazy.I also attract married men but they are like scavengers waiting to ruin someone’s life.Your value does not because you have a child or you have been married before. Stop dating married men.’

Muthoni had previously revealed that she was desperately looking for love which led her into a toxic relationship.

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